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2023 Festival

2 Mental Health Topics

Our themes for this year's festival are burnout and climate change. We'll explore these throughout the week.

5 Days of

Film screenings, mental health discussion, filmmaker Q&As, masterclasses, live performances and guest programs.

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10 Brand New Films

New films made through our production grant by filmmakers from across the globe will premiere on the first day of our festival.

Festival FAQ

You can stream VWI 23 right now by visiting this link
Voices With Impact is an online short film festival that celebrates underrepresented stories of mental health. Each year 10 new short films are produced and premiered at the global festival in a week of events centered around art, filmmaking, and mental health.

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When and where is VWI?

You can stream all of VWI online now at this link

Voices With Impact takes place on June 26-30. There are three event times each day: 


  • 10 am PST, 1pm EST, 6pm BST.

  • 1pm PST 4pm EST 9pm BST

  • 4pm PST 7pm EST 12am BST


VWI is a global online festival and takes place online through our Eventive platform.

What can I expect from the festival?


14 events in 5 days! We kick off our festival with our two premiere events on Monday June 26. These are multimedia events showcasing 5 brand new short films, with a range of artistic performances, including music and spoken word, as well as keynote speakers. We have one for each topic: Climate Change and Burnout.


From Tuesday to Friday we have three events a day. These are a range of mental health discussions, film masterclasses, filmmaker Q&As, and guest programs.

How much are tickets?


The premiere event is free, but you can help us cover costs by paying it forward, we suggest, $10 USD.


Access to the festival sessions is purchased through a festival pass only, its $10 USD. A festival pass gives you access to all festival events including the premieres, but you do need to select your tickets after you purchase your pass. You can attend as many of the events as you wish, you just need to book your tickets. You can choose to pay it forward and select a 'Pay it forward' festival pass for $30 for students and low wage.

Premieres (Pay It Forward) - $10

Premieres (Affordable) - Free

Festival pass (Pay It Forward) -$30

Festival pass (Affordable) -$10

No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please reach out to and we'll see what we can do for you. 

How do I get tickets or passes? 


When tickets are live you will be able to purchase them through our Eventive festival platform. You must purchase your passes before the festival. The best way to receive information about tickets and passes is by registering for your festival pass.

I’m part of a partner school or organization. How do I get my pass? 


Your organization should have distributed your pass links directly to you. If not reach out. 

Is there any mental health support during the festival? 


There will be active listeners available during each filmmaker discussion event, and we'll be directing you to our mental health resources throughout the festival.  Our Active Listeners are mental health professionals working in an active listening capacity, not as therapists. 

What are the themes for VWI in 2023 and how are they chosen? 


Through the Voices With Impact production grant, VWI focuses on 2 mental health themes each year. These are chosen based on feedback from partner schools, colleges and universities that we work with throughout the year. The themes for 2023 are the mental health impacts of climate change and burnout. 

Is the festival the same as the production grant, what's the difference? 


Voices With Impact is a production grant and a film festival. The grant project starts in August when the request for proposals is released and finishes in April when the films are completed. The festival takes place June 26-30.

The best way to think of it is that we work with our 10 grant funds recipients to create their films and then we share them with the world at our festival.

How is VWI global? 


The film grant is open to proposals from all around the world. This year filmmakers come from the US, Canada, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. The film festival is accessible globally too with filmmakers, speakers, and performers from all over the world. 

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