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Explore Mental Health Through Short Films

Explore mental health through captivating short films with Voices With Impact. Dive into a world of narratives that spark discussion, challenge stigma, and foster a community of understanding. 

Stay in touch for updates on our film grant, our film competitions, and our annual film festival. 

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About Voices With Impact

Mental Health Short Film Grants

We offer 10 production grants each year to support filmmakers, artists and creators in sharing stories that spark transformative conversations on the topic of mental health.

50+ Mental Health Short Films

You can explore the work we do through our rich archive of over 50 short films, unraveling diverse mental health narratives from various communities.

Interactive Short-Film Festival

Our interactive mental health short film festival is a hub for creatives and mental health professions to connect with compelling short films and transformative dialogues.

Mental Health Film Competitions

Our short film competitions to celebrate the storytellers who are already doing the work. Do you have a mental health short we should see? Look out for our competition windows. 

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