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Voices With Impact offers a unique opportunity to align your brand with cutting edge short-form film projects that address pressing social issues.


Voices With Impact is a film production grant and annual film festival. Each year we produce 10 new films on the topic of mental health. The films are used to start transformative mental health conversations in workshops across the US and Canada. 

Sponsoring the Voices With Impact Film Festival allows you to connect your brand with a cutting-edge short film on timely mental health topics and contribute to real change. We have a proven track record of identifying and supporting filmmakers to maximise the impact of film in mental health storytelling. 

By supporting these talented filmmakers, you have the chance to showcase your brand's commitment to mental health and wellness for all. 


In our 6 years of Voices With Impact, our festival has captivated and connected with tens of thousands of people. The festival provides a platform for filmmakers to showcase their award-winning creations and share the stories that inspired them. Our dedication to quality ensures that these films reach a global audience through extensive film festival distribution.

Our films have gone on to screen at over 165 film festival screenings in just three years, gaining international recognition and acclaim. The list includes a Student Oscar winner,  a Cannes Indie Short winner, and a winner at the Vancouver Short Film Festival, to mention just a few. Our films have even secured airtime on several national television networks, further amplifying their reach and impact, viewed by countless individuals across the world.


By partnering with Voices with Impact sponsors receive prominent recognition at both our film premieres in the US, Canada and online, ensuring maximum exposure to our diverse audience.

Sponsors have the exclusive opportunity to attend our highly anticipated in-person and globally streamed film festival in June, connecting your brand directly with engaged audiences of creatives and mental health advocates from around the world.

Legacy Level Sponsors are offered a unique opportunity to have their logo featured in the credits of the films. This means your brand will be associated with these captivating stories forever, reaching audiences far and wide long after the festival ends.

Don't miss out on this exceptional sponsorship opportunity to elevate your brand's presence and connect with a passionate audience.

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If you'd like to discuss sponsorship please contact please get in touch.

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