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Voices With Impact offers a unique opportunity to connect your students with cutting edge short films that address pressing social issues.

Short Film Festival

Voices With Impact is a film production grant and film festival. Each year we produce 10 films on the topic of mental health and share them at our annual film festival in June.

The VWI team works closely with filmmakers throughout the filmmaking process to ensure the 10 new short films connect with young people and inspire transformative conversations on the topic of mental health. 

The VWI festival will take place over the month of June. The festival is made up of 4 events; 2 in-person premieres and 2 online mental health discussions. The in-person premieres will take place in San Francisco and Vancouver, both these events will also be live streamed. The online events will screen a select number of films and feature a panel discussion.

Take a look at some of our past films below. 

In Person

In our 6 years of Voices With Impact, our festival has captivated and connected with tens of thousands of people through online and in-person events. The festival provides a platform for filmmakers to showcase their award-winning creations and talk about the powerful stories that inspired them.


Our in-person premieres will act as a hub for young people, filmmakers, creatives, mental health advocates, mental health professionals and the general public to connect and discuss timely mental health topics.


In-person premieres will take place in San Francisco and Vancouver. Each event will screen all 10 new films and feature a panel with the filmmakers and mental health professionals. You are invited!


Each of our festival events will be available live online. Both in-person events will be live streamed from the venues. Our two online mental health discussions are global conversations available to everyone with ease of access from home. 


Here we will deep dive into each of our mental health topics this year; Serious Mental Illness and Cliques & Echo Chambers.

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If you'd like to discuss sponsorship please contact please get in touch.

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